YourBlindFaith.com is the home of inspirational speaker and writer, Jeremy Curry.  Jeremy began losing his eyesight when he was 18 years old due to a genetic eye disease.  Today, Jeremy and his guide dog, Darren, travel to churches, groups, and other venues to inspire, help, and encourage people to apply Biblical principles to our everyday lives.

Jeremy writes a daily devotional called Blind Devotion.  As we walk through life, many of us are searching for answers.  We all have troubles, we all have struggles, and we also all have praises and things that we are blessed with.  We often forget to look to what our God tells us about all of these things.  When we read the manual God has provided, life can be much easier and, at the very least, we can gain direction.  The goal of the devotional is to get us all to think about God’s Word, to read it, to reflect on it, and to put it into practice.

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